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Are you in full pleasure with your business and life? Are you ready to not only create an amazing life but build an actual joy filled, abundant world where everything is available to you? Where you get to have it all?  

Are you ready to access the full power of your Superhuman self? To bring your message, mission and money desires out into the world and unleash your creative magick from soul?

As a luxury consciousness business that teaches you cutting edge energy mastery; I give YOU, the spiritual woman in business, the high level energetic support you need so you can build your new world, move from fear to power with the potent energies of the Destiny Wealth Codes© and Archetypes© and unlock your 5 Pillars of Wealth©:


As a spiritual entrepreneur, change agent, visionary, healer, psychic, quantum activator, game changer, creative, innovator and pioneer, you are here to make BIG changes on planet earth, including expanding your business and bank balance! You know that becoming superhuman, claiming back your power, becoming unlimited and creating abundant streams of wealth is the way forward for our collective. 

It is imperative to bring wealth back into the hands of the light bearers so that we may break down old structures and paradigms and create new systems that support a unified cosmic people. One where we don’t fight and struggle, but one where we create and share our skills and passions so that all beings from all corners of the Universe will know true freedom and step into their cosmic potential, creating their own heaven on earth.

As a leader in Human Potential

in the field of quantum activation's, healing and energy alchemy, I merge my 25 years of passion, knowledge and abilities in spirituality, energy and quantum activation's to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen dimensions. Supporting you, the ‘big vision’ entrepreneur to manifest your dream reality of more money, pleasure, fun and adventure, so that you can create your global mission while activating your full potential, power and superhuman abilities.

As an Energetic Wealth Activator and channel for higher consciousness, I utilise various energetic tools to transform your business and life. One of these tools that I use is the powerful and potent Destiny Wealth Vortex©, consisting of 5 transformative Destiny Wealth Codes© and Archetypes. These quantum wealth codes of light, frequency and cosmic magic, are a supercharged quantum formula and process that were channelled through me to support YOU, the cosmic visionary, spiritual leader, healer, innovator and big vision entrepreneur to receive guidance, high vibrational support and access to your superhuman self; while navigating your shadow side to lead you to your global mission and to help you explode your business and wealth into a new dimension.  

Activating your Destiny Wealth Codes© will create a cosmic awakening at a cellular level, expanding your light, a deep dive into your shadow, opening portals of quantum information and accessing more of your psychic potential, all while creating a new energetic wealth template for yourself and the planet. In plain English: It's going to help you to make a LOT of money all while being your epic Superhuman self!

These 5 Destiny Wealth Codes© are a powerful tool for manifestation with the ability to create a new energy wealth template and shift timelines, allowing you to fold time and space as you walk the tunnels of your shadow self, to bring into reality your deepest and wildest desires!

Most importantly, these wealth codes and archetypes assist you in merging the intangible world of the spiritual and energetic dimensions with the material plane of the Earth. They help you create your life and business on the 3d plane while building a new quantum world outside of that, where everything is available to you and you get to choose how your world operates. These codes help connect you to your Superhuman magick so you can gain access to the best and highest path and timeline to your global mission, while living into your full quantum potential here on the planet Earth.

It's time to follow that nudge from soul, to play in the quantum field and be fully YOU, which means with your superpowers fully activated. Create the material abundance, make big money, mountains of riches and overflowing abundance. Activate your pleasure and joy as you change the world and create an empire, business and life that you love all while being

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Are you ready to become your Superhuman self and build a new world with the Destiny Wealth Codes© and Archetypes? 

Grab a copy of my in depth 113 page E-book: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Superhuman©. and receive the bonus companion program: The Destiny Wealth Vortex©

⚡️ Activate all 5 of your Destiny Wealth Codes© and access this powerful tool and repeatable process to use for manifestation.

⚡️ Discover the hidden powers of the Archetypes and explode your business and wealth to a new dimension.

⚡️ Create a new energy wealth template and shift timelines, allowing you to fold time and space as you walk the tunnels of your shadow self, to bring into reality your deepest and wildest desires.

⚡️ Become an energy master as you learn how to use the magick of the Destiny Wealth Archetypes© and the 5 Pillars of Wealth© to manifest more money, pleasure and freedom.  It’s time to build a new reality.  Your new life and business start here. 

Helen's 1:1 High End Mentoring 

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In this powerful, potent 3 Month Cosmic Wealth Upgrade©,  I work with a select few every month at this high level.  This woman is a big thinker, a visionary, a pioneer, a change maker, a rebel.

You are here to do things very differently and not follow the status quo. You are here to shake things up. She has a desire to expand her mindset, beliefs and reality, moving into higher levels of wealth consciousness and into new dimensions of awareness.   

She desires:

🌟 To build a whole new world with more Passion, Purpose, Pleasure, Profits and Philanthropy.

🌟 Increase her passion for life and business, let her pleasure cup run over.

🌟 Align energetically with her global mission.

🌟 Create a new wealth consciousness.

🌟 Install new, updated beliefs around her money, business, power, abilities and potential.

🌟 To go from the impossible to the possible by changing the old money paradigms.

🌟 Hell YES your life.

🌟 Become a rapid money and contribution queen.

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What Others Say


‘What an amazing journey I have been on!  I have just completed Helen’s 1:1 Cosmic Wealth Upgrade where she takes you through a journey with her Destiny Wealth Codes.  OMG. No words can describe the transformations I went through, the shifts I experienced.  I was pushed, I was pulled, I cried, we laughed, I evolved. I awakened to so many levels and Helen was there by my side throughout it all guiding me and helping me every step along the way.   Not only have I awakened personally, my healing business also awakened.  It is now full of sole, abundance,  growth, spark, fun and high vibes. ’

I have been receiving healings from Helen for a few years now. I have completed her Sacred 5 and Elite courses. So I love her work, I love what she stands for and what she is all about. This 1:1 was different. It was more intimate and it was so much fun once I faced what was holding me back. Helen helped me through it all, all the shifts, all the transformations, all the awakenings, she helped me see where I was holding myself back and she held the space for me throughout it all. 

It was exciting. There were so many ups and downs. I didn’t know what each day was going to bring and that was exhilarating as so much was happening and I knew I had Helen’s support through whatever I was going through with her daily what’s app support. 

For me the what’s app support was fantastic as I would connect with Helen on those hard days when the ego side of thinking, the shadow side were showing up.  Being able to communicate with Helen what I was feeling or what I was experiencing or going through, she was able to hold the space for me and guide me to get past that and to connect to soul, to believe in myself and to trust in myself like never before. I realise now how worthy I am.  I am happy, truely soul level happy. I have shredded so many layers and gone through so many transformations of awakening during these 12 weeks and I am still continuing to do so. All thanks to Helen for guiding me, for teaching me new tools and techniques that really works for me.  For helping me believe in myself again and trusting in myself.  

My human self wanted to participate in this journey with Helen to help me with my business as it had no flow, I was getting hardly any clients as a Healer.  My 3rd week in clients started contacting me from overseas.  

Within the first week my spiritual gifts expanded.  When I first began the course I had huge trust and belief issues within myself. Overcoming this, the inner journey I experienced and connecting to soul through Helen’s guidance and support was my biggest achievement.

Upon finishing the 12 week journey, my business now has a purpose, it has flow, it has soul and most of all my business is finally making money, big money. I remember thinking my third week in that i had received all that I had paid for plus more in the course as I had received so much value in those first few weeks.  Wow wasn’t I in for a treat.   For what I transformed, awakened and shifted into personally and within my business, I really cannot put a price on. It is the best investment I could ever have spent on myself. Helen is amazing, she is compassionate, she loves what she does. I love her work, her energy and she believed in me and that means a lot. I am now embodying everything straightaway, the positives, the unravelling, the shifts, the magic. I am so much more aware, aware of what is going on around me. What I most of all received out of this journey was my inner journey. For connecting back to my Superhuman self and I did. My bank balance is growing, it really is, my business has expanded just like that over night and is continually to do so. My happiness has expanded.  My life has evolved. My business is thriving. What else could you want out of a course or mentoring. Helen has inspired me in so many wonderful ways. Amazing transformation. I uplevelled and evolved in more ways than I had ever expected.  

Thank you so much to Helen for believing in me, for guiding me, for never giving up on me.  I will never forget this up levelling and awakening experience. 

Kristy Reibel
Quantum Energy Healer & Mindset Shifter


I have been working with Helen for the last 10 years. Her gifts have literally saved my life. I recently embarked on Helen's newest offering; The Destiny Wealth Vortex©.
I experienced insights and change within 12 hours of reading just the first Destiny Wealth Code© and Archetype. Since completing the Destiny Wealth Vortex© I've had some of the deepest and most profound insights and messages ever!
Helen has a truly amazing gift, I would not hesitate in recommending her or any of her programs to anyone. 
Over the years she has helped me transform, grow and thrive in ways I never would have been able to on my own.
I will never be able to thank Helen enough!

Catherine F. 


‘Wow, just finished the Destiny Wealth Vortex© & I’m so grateful that I was one of the first to complete this amazing experience. It has been an exciting time of transformation & I'm so ready to embrace the person I’m truly meant to be, with the help of these beautiful  and amazing Destiny Wealth Codes©  & Archetypes! Big thanks to Helen Fernandez for always being OUR shining light!.’

Amanda Dillion.


Wow, what an inspirational experience we've just had with the Destiny Wealth Vortex© An uplifting, powerful, soul searching adventure!! We now have wonderful tools to implement moving forward in transforming our lives!
Thank you so much always very enlightening and transformative!

Colleen Dillion. 


‘The Destiny Wealth Codes© literally changed the course of my life. Before The Destiny Wealth Codes©, I had no direction and was quickly losing hope for my future. I felt as if I was stuck in a loop, wading through stagnant waters and never getting anywhere close to my goals. But when I started to activate the codes, they literally lifted me up out of my crappy situation and allowed me to claim back my power! I suddenly felt powerful and so in sync with the universe. The Destiny Wealth Codes© awakened me and pulled me out of all my stories and excuses. They allowed me to see that I am the creator. After having no direction and fearing for the future, The Destiny Wealth Codes© brought back my passion and determination. I decided I wanted to study design and embrace my role as an artist. Thank you so much Helen for creating these powerful, life changing codes!

Izzy F.


OMG Helen... Everything you have said is unfolding. Thank you for being such an instrumental part of my journey.

Elsa Morgan/
Creator of "The Queenie Effect"


Working with Helen has been life changing and the best value of not only money spent, but my time, effort and investment to date.

Vena Banner/
Quantum Healer


Everytime I connect with you, I learn something new each and every time, which in turn awakens me to higher levels of consciousness.

Dr. H. Kaur/
Q General Practitioner & Women's Health Expert

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