It's Time to install new beliefs!!

Your transformation doesn't have to be hard, there are so many amazing frequencies available to you right now.  This is a wonderful time to create massive soul expansion, create new opportunities and increase your abundance and your ability to receive and retain it. 

A good start to allowing these frequencies to transform your reality is by starting to remove some of the lower frequencies. So lets start by clearing some FEAR from your field and let your body and energy field transmute those fears into pleasure.😍

Take a deep breath.

Relax your body. 💆

Think of something you feel is holding you back; a fear, block or obstacle.

With intention, say “I am ready to release this fear and turn it into pleasure”.

This not only release's that fear for you, but helps to release the hold that the dark energies have on the planet.

Light always triumphs and conquers all.

Stay centred and peaceful in your heart. Fill yourself with love and imagine the feeling and sensation of pleasure in your body. 💖

Let’s start releasing these fears right now.

Imagine beautiful golden energy coming through the top of your head. 

Place yourself in a golden Pyramid of Light.


✨ I release all fears, blocks and obstacles
✨ I release all negative energies
✨ I release all fear of moving on from my old self
✨ I release all fear around my past
✨ I release all fear-based energies
✨ I release all pain, trauma and anxiety

Imagine releasing all of that from every cell in your body.


💜 I am free
💜 I am love
💜 I am joy
💜 I am pleasure
💜 I am powerful
💜 I am the creator of my life
💜 Nothing and no one can harm me without my permission… and I DO NOT give permission. I do not give permission for these fear-based energies to taint my energy field, my mind, my body or my soul anymore.
💜 I allow my higher self and soul to be the driver

Trust and open your heart to love, open your body to experience the sensation of pleasure.

Allow these beautiful, high vibrational, golden energies to permeate you at a cellular level. 

Know that you are loved. That you are safe. That it is safe to change, transform and let go.

Imagine moving towards a higher timeline.

Get ready to rise up - rise up into your higher self and your true power. 🙌

Let all your fear stories go. Let all your old fear programs go.

Make the choice today that you’re going to change and do things differently.

To upgrade and become the best and highest version of yourself, to allow the frequency of pleasure in and to become fully self expressed in all ways, body, mind and soul.

Take a big cleansing breath, in and out. 

I now remove all cords and attachments; all rips and tears in my aura.

I now ground myself in this beautiful high vibrational energy of love and pleasure.

Stay centred in your heart.

Stay centred in your soul.

Trust in source and creator energy.

Let that energy permeate you. Let it radiate all around you. Let pleasure fill you up.

Every cell is now filled with golden energy.

You are powerful, whole and complete.✊

You have successfully turned your fear into pleasure.

Sending you love and unlimited Magick,


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Helen Fernandez

Helen Fernandez
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