Hi, I'm Helen

Wealth Activator and Intuitive Mentor

Queen of Money, Magic and Mindset, Channel of The Destiny Wealth Code Vortex© and Creator of The Sacred 5 - Elite Energy Mastery©, I merge my love and passion for spirituality, energy, healing, human potential and quantum physics.

As a practitioner of Metaphysical studies for over 25 years and spending over a decade in the online world healing thousands of women, offering potent, life changing quantum healing programs and radical transformation through my spiritual and business mentorship; I have most definitely traversed  my dark shadow, letting go of pain, fear and numerous insecurities so that I can now experience my soul truth.

My passion is working with visionaries, big thinker's, pioneer's, change makers, rebels, healers, psychics, quantum activators, inventors, innovator’s, way showers, big vision entrepreneurs and spiritual women in business who are here to make HUGE changes within themselves and here on planet earth. It is my greatest privilege to be able to align you to new money grids, guide you from fear into pleasure and to activate your Million Dollar Destiny Map©  via my potent and powerful Destiny Wealth Code Vortex©.

As an Energy Alchemist

one of my superpowers is the ability to see and feel energetically where your life and your business are in resistance, feel stuck, blocked, distorted and in shadow.  Or where you are not reaching your full potential and power and so therefore the energy is not in alignment with your big vision, global mission or wealth goals. 

As a pattern interrupter, I assist you in navigating your shadow, seeding a new perspective and narrative, shift your timeline, clear the perceived blockage or issue and align you with your fullest quantum potential, sovereign self and Empress; your true inner warrior and magician, allowing you to create a fountain of cash, build your empire and stake your claim as the global ambassador for your soul's truth.
I have the ability to masterfully help you bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen worlds, helping you to connect to your Superconscious self.  It is my deepest desire to support you in activating your full quantum potential by creating your potent, personal blueprint of creation; your
Million Dollar Destiny Map
©, as you elevate your wealth consciousness, access different dimensional states, shift timelines, activate your healing abilities, strengthen your superhuman powers and become a master of your energy through the power of The Destiny Wealth Code Vortex©. This is going to take you, your business, your mission and your money to a whole new dimension. 

My mission and greatest passion is to reunite humanity with the knowledge that EVERYONE is a Divine Creator God capable of miraculous transformations and healings with the power to shift the old money structures, systems and patterns on the earth to create a new expansive, uplevelled reality. When you cast off the shackles of control, release the hold your shadow has on you; you then become a fully realised superhuman, a crystal avatar, capable of infinite possibilities, with the ability to fold time and space and quantum leap into your best and highest destiny.


As a Wealth Activator and Queen of Money, Magick & Mindset, I have healed, cleared and activated hundreds of women from around the world. Helping them to utilise their soul power, activate their body and pleasure portal; become financially independent, navigate the trials and tribulations of the shadow side and become a rapid money and contribution queen.

I have changed hundreds of lives through the facilitation of more than 6000 hours of energy and quantum healing sessions.

I have been an avid student and practitioner of Metaphysical studies for over 25 years. 

I have been transforming lives via Energy Healing for over 25 years.

I am a powerful Intuitive Mentor to hundreds of women globally.

As the creator of ‘The Sacred 5 - Elite Energy Mastery©,’ I have trained many powerful heart centred women, from all corners of the globe, to be potent Sacred 5© - Quantum Healing Practitioners and Energy Masters.

As an Accredited Life Coach, Wealth Activator, Powerful Quantum Healer, Potent DNA Activator and High Level Transformational Specialist; I am here to change and restructure the world and I am here to claim my power, voice and superpowers and I will show you how you can do the same.

Awaken your Superpowers, activate your Million Dollar Mindset and Expand into Riches!

Discover your Destiny Wealth Archetype©

Activate your Superpowers and Expand into Riches.