Destiny Wealth Codes© Affirmation

Destiny Wealth Codes©

I embody the light and love of the Universe, I am whole.

I am free to be me in all facets and in all manifestations.

My body, mind and soul are in perfect alignment, I am one with the Universe.

I receive love and blessings from source energy through all space, time and dimensions.

I am abundant, radiant and powerful. I receive easily and effortlessly.

I embrace my higher self with gratitude and joy.

I begin deprogramming at a cellular level, shattering my patterns.

I am now available to my natural genius and I am not afraid to use it.

I am fully aligned with the soul of my business, receiving divine messages which support the transformation of my soul clients.

My business is a source of joy, from which abundance and prosperity flows

I blissfully connect to the full power of my Destiny Wealth Archetype© as I begin the journey to full activation.

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