The Ultimate Guide To Becoming
Rich, Hot & Superhuman
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Are you ready to become your Rich, Hot, Superhuman self and build a new world with the Destiny Wealth Codes© and Archetypes?

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This is a deep and potent guide on how to create your dream life and business by understanding your shadow world and the power you wield in your soul realm.  Become an energy master as you learn how to use the magick of the Destiny Wealth Archetypes© and the 5 Pillars of Wealth© to manifest more money, pleasure and freedom.  It’s time to build a new reality.  Your new life and business start here.

I don’t know how passionate you are about transforming your life and business, but one thing I do know for sure is that The Destiny Wealth Codes and Archetypes© are THE gateway to fulfilling your deepest desires and becoming the version of yourself who feels powerful, confident, seen, heard, pleasured, passionate, abundant and Superfreakinhuman!!! 🔥⚡

Here’s how I see it, you have two paths to choose from; the stay where you are path, continuing to do what you’ve always done, getting the results you’ve always gotten, choosing to slumber your way through life and settle for whatever life brings you OR, you choose the second path; decide to leap, fly, run towards your desires. Choose to face your shadow and step into your potent, powerful, Superhuman self. The person who gets to choose, decide and attract the best and highest life and timeline.

In life you are either creating from your shadow or from your light and for the majority of people on the planet, yes, even the ones who look like they have it all figured out and may have the fame, fortune and followers, yes, even them; they are most likely building their life from the voice of their shadow.

Is this what you want? To allow your fears, doubts and insecurities to stop you living life from your full potential? To feel like you don’t have a choice, a say or a hope of fulfilling your desires? 

Because, I know that you most likely have a secret. A deep, buried in the dark, don’t want to admit it to yourself, SECRET!🙈🙊

A burning desire for more, for it ALL, for a life, love, body and business that you don’t or can’t even admit to yourself.

You want more pleasure! 🔥

You want more Love, Joy, Fun, Freedom, Expansion, Energy!

You want more money!

You want to follow your Soul and do what you really love!

You long to fully be YOURSELF, unapologetically YOU in all the ways!

Does any of this trigger you? Nudge you, push, pull, or knock at you? Then…..It is time to claim your destiny and activate your right to take up space, share your message, your creations and shine your light as you rise up and become Rich, Hot and Superhuman©!!😍

Becoming RICH is a no brainer… You want more abundance, wealth, moolah, cheddar with a slice of SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!  But you want money, not just for money's sake, although money is fun and awesome, BUT, you want to give, share and invest it.  You want to do good things with it that change your life, helps to uplift others and makes the world a better place. You want to use money as a powerful tool of change and transformation! 💰

Becoming HOT is not about looking like a celebrity or a model (unless you want it to); it is about feeling LIT up, turned on by life, by your relationships and your business. It means feeling sexy as all hell and comfortable in your own skin. It is a feeling of being lit up from the inside out. Having an inner glow, a radiant smile and an energetic bounce in your step. It’s a feeling of being unstoppable, truly alive, awake. It’s a high vibe, ‘everything I touch turns to gold’ kinda feeling! 👑✨

Becoming SUPERHUMAN is about stepping into your powerful, divine, warrior self. Activating your full potential and utilising your soul abilities and multidimensional senses. It’s about blending your earthly, human talents with the magick of your Higher Self. It’s about bringing back your sparkle, buzz, vibe, intuition, wisdom and inner voice. It’s about wielding your powerful magick to create miracles, build a new world and create an enchanted reality. 🌟⚡

You are already standing at the edge of the cliff. You can choose to run back to where you were and pretend like you never ever heard of the Destiny Wealth Codes and Archetypes© OR you can choose to jump, leap and fly off the cliff and trust that your wings will open on the way down. 

Calling all rebels, changemakers, visionaries and pattern breakers who are deciding to rewrite their destinies. Activate new blueprints, build new worlds and create new realities. Are you ready?

Get your copy of the eBook - The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Rich, Hot and Superhuman© and as a bonus receive the companion program: The Destiny Wealth Vortex© for free (Valued at $147). 

 A 113 page E-book: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Rich, Hot And Superhuman©.

 5 life changing, powerful Destiny Wealth Code© Activation's.

 5 Supercharged, Powerful Destiny Wealth Vortex© Video's. (Guided by Helen)

 5 Potent Invocations to shift you from fear to power.  

Powerful journal prompts to move you from your logical mind to your superhuman self.

Everything is accessible through a private online members area.

This is the gateway to accessing your magick and becoming an Energy Master.

Expand your wealth

Have more pleasure

De-program all your old beliefs and programs

Raise your consciousness and

Live your ultimate life

These 5 Cosmic Destiny Wealth Codes

Are a powerful tool and repeatable process to use for manifestation. With the ability to access your Superhuman self so that you can scale your business, up-level your offerings and access a whole new abundant reality.

They help you to create a new energy wealth template and shift timelines, allowing you to fold time and space as you walk the tunnels of your shadow self, to bring into reality your deepest and wildest desires.

Most importantly, these codes and archetypes assist you in merging the intangible world of the spiritual and energetic dimensions with the grounded, material plane of the Earth. They help you make sense of your life and business in a practical way, while using galactic magick to awaken your wealth consciousness, activate new money grids and guide you on your soul path.

If you are ready to up-level, expand, awaken and rise into higher levels of consciousness and wealth and access 5 powerful BONUS activations that align you to your 5 Destiny Wealth Codes© and Archetypes; Then grab your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Rich, Hot and Superhuman©. Fold time and space and catapult yourself into a new reality, bigger bank balance, global mission and sexier, healthier more empowered version of YOU!  It’s time to embrace your Rich, Hot and Superhuman© self.

Discover the hidden powers of each Archetype and how embodying these codes will activate these abilities within you too, putting you on a whole new money grid, allowing you to access your true power and potential.  Meet the archetype family:

Divine Enchantress©, High Priestess©, Celestial Queen©, Golden Goddess©, The Empress©

What Others Say


I have been working with Helen for the last 10 years. Her gifts have literally saved my life. I recently embarked on Helen's newest offering; The Destiny Wealth Vortex©.
I experienced insights and change within 12 hours of reading just the first Destiny Wealth Code© and Archetype. Since completing the Destiny Wealth Vortex© I've had some of the deepest and most profound insights and messages ever!
Helen has a truly amazing gift, I would not hesitate in recommending her or any of her programs to anyone.
Over the years she has helped me transform, grow and thrive in ways I never would have been able to on my own.
I will never be able to thank Helen enough!

Catherine F. 


‘Wow, just finished the Destiny Wealth Vortex© & I’m so grateful that I was one of the first to complete this amazing experience. It has been an exciting time of transformation & I'm so ready to embrace the person I’m truly meant to be, with the help of these beautiful  and amazing Destiny Wealth Codes©  & Archetypes! Big thanks to Helen Fernandez for always being OUR shining light!.’

Amanda D.


Wow, what an inspirational experience we've just had with the Destiny Wealth Vortex© An uplifting, powerful, soul searching adventure!! We now have wonderful tools to implement moving forward in transforming our lives!
Thank you so much always very enlightening and transformative!

Colleen D. 


‘The Destiny Wealth Codes© literally changed the course of my life. Before The Destiny Wealth Codes©, I had no direction and was quickly losing hope for my future. I felt as if I was stuck in a loop, wading through stagnant waters and never getting anywhere close to my goals. But when I started to activate the codes, they literally lifted me up out of my crappy situation and allowed me to claim back my power! I suddenly felt powerful and so in sync with the universe. The Destiny Wealth Codes© awakened me and pulled me out of all my stories and excuses. They allowed me to see that I am the creator. After having no direction and fearing for the future, The Destiny Wealth Codes© brought back my passion and determination. I decided I wanted to study design and embrace my role as an artist. Thank you so much Helen for creating these powerful, life changing codes!

Izzy F.