clear | Restore | Balance | Release | Activate

Learn to expand your healing abilities, shift into new dimensions, perform everyday miracles and transform into your fully activated crystalline body.

Experience your mind, body and soul in higher, more expansive ways. Awaken from the matrix and live outside of mass consciousness and fear. Free yourself of limitations as you step into the power of a fully activated crystalline body and soul. Remove layers of density, pain and suffering as you embrace your true state of being and become one with unconditional love.

Learn to step into your mastery by helping to transform others more powerfully by activating their 12 strands of DNA, clearing their karmic patterns, ancestral patterns and eliminating dark and negative energies, all while connecting them to their soul and higher dimensional healing ability.

Do you want to learn to heal in higher dimensions, accessing information from universal and planetary grids?

Do you wish to help family, friends and clients transform and heal more deeply and powerfully then ever before?

Do you want more abundance, clearer insight, higher consciousness, states of bliss and a fully aligned and integrated physical body?

Do you want to accelerate your Psychic and Intuitive abilities and access Higher Dimensional spaces and beings?

Are you ready to step into full mastery, become one with Universal Energies and align heart, mind and soul with your spiritual self?

As a Sacred 5 elite Healing Mastery© Practitioner,

you have already activated your healer within and awakened your higher self and you are now healing from the fifth dimension. So are you ready to take the next big leap on your healing journey? Are you ready to transcend time and space and transform your reality?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are READY to access your 12th dimensional self and connect to pure, powerful and infinite universal energies to accelerate your healing & intuitive abilities. You will be altered in your mind, body, heart and soul as you are transported beyond everything you have ever learnt or been told, into a mind blowing shift in consciousness. 

You know that you have already been chosen, your soul already feels what is needed to step forward on your healing path. The only action you need to take now, is to say yes and to join with Helen on this life changing, wonderful, power filled path towards your greatest expansion. This is where you get to truly discover how to connect more fully with yourself and the universe. Helen has put her heart and soul into this course and you will benefit from her 25 years of experience.  Are you feeling called to create some magic and miracles together?

The Sacred 5 – Elite Healing Mastery© is an advanced training based on the same principles as the The Sacred 5 – Healing Mastery©: Clear, Restore, Balance, Release and Activate. However with this course, YOU will get to learn much higher level concepts and more importantly, build your power and energy. Helen will teach you how to facilitate a DNA activation, Clear dark and negative energies (Some of you will discover things about the shadow side that you didn’t even know existed). Learn how to do a full Auric and Karmic clearing, Clear and Release DNA and Cellular patterns, yes even from family, genetics and ancestral programs. As always Helen will bring through higher energies in a practical and grounded way, with humour and unconditional love.

Become a Sacred 5 Elite Healing Master© and Get set to Clear, Restore, Balance, Release and Activate your way into higher realities!

How to Powerfully Heal People

 Discover how to increase your energy and healing power and connect to the Highest realm of Masters and Angels so you can perform extraordinary Hands on Healing’s, Quantum Healing’s, Remote healing’s and learn to place healing energies into objects, pictures, places, audio’s and video’s. Get ready to clear and heal people in more miraculous way’s then ever before!

Clear Dark and Negative Energies

Take clearing negative energies to the next level! Learn who and what the dark and negative energies really are and where they attach and why. Learn to use this technique to clear people, pets, homes and any environment including the planet and its energy grids.

Expand your Intuitive Abilities

Learn how to increase your intuitive abilities, read Aura’s, receive messages from your higher self and guides, learn to remote travel and the practice of resonance. Increase your psychic senses so that you can gain higher and more accurate answers and guidance for yourself and your healing clients.

Energy Processes and Techniques

You will discover how to use all of Helen’s powerful energy processes to help heal other people, animals and the planet, including: Perform a Dark and Negative energy healing, perform a full auric and karmic healing, Restore your DNA to reverse ageing and disease, Activate the 12 strands of DNA and learn to work within grids and heal the planet and her oceans. Do all this while raising your frequency and shifting into higher states of consciousness.

Creating the next level of Awakening and Transformation

If you thought The Sacred 5 – Healing Mastery© was amazing, well, you are going to be blown away by what Helen has in store for you in The Sacred 5 – Elite Healing Mastery©. We are heading into intense but enlightening times and we need to stay up to speed and in alignment with the planet as she heads into her crystalline manifestation. With more and more people awakening, there will be a big demand for healing and clearing work and so they will need your guidance, support and expertise.

 This is a new journey of awakening and transformation, one where you need to leave your old beliefs at the door and dare to embrace a new way of thinking and being. This will allow you to be one of the few on the planet at this level, who are really helping to make a difference and be a guide and a teacher for the many who will benefit from these clearings and activation’s. Dare to be different and bold, as you courageously step into your soul self and live your new brilliant life within the inner circle. Get ready to focus on the many as you stand firmly in your power, becoming a beacon of strength and love for all.

EMERGE as a powerful healer and warrior of light to help guide people home, ushering them into the new world.

EXPAND into higher dimensions as you create new states of being, manifesting new levels of health, happiness and abundance.

EVOLVE into the highest version of yourself as you let go of the lower patterns and programs that keep you trapped in the matrix and prepare yourself to live from a new, enlightened and awakened vibration.

This is not just another Healing Course; This is an Advanced Course for everything Energy, I will teach you new techniques that you may never have heard of or experienced before. These are powerful tools that I have used to get amazing results with thousands of clients around the world over the last 12 years. You will learn amazing new ways to transform your clients, family’s, friends and most importantly, YOURSELF and you will really be able to Clear, Restore, Balance, Release and Activate at a whole other level. I am confident that when you use these new techniques and processes and practice them every day, you WILL literally TRANSFORM your life and the lives of those around you!


The Sacred 5 – Elite Healing Mastery© is a super charged 10 week self study online program.
You will receive full access to all five modules of the Sacred 5 – Elite Healing Mastery©.
You have lifetime access to all the course content. Gain access to Instructional Video’s, transcripts and PDF Handouts of all Energy Processes and Techniques. 
You will have access to over 4 hours of amazing content through the support Q&A calls from the previous Sacred 5 Elite Healing Mastery©. In these previously live webinars Helen answered the most common questions that arose for students. You will gain so much insight from these recordings.
All Content can be accessed through your own private Sacred 5 Dashboard with a secure Log in


Receive a ‘Powerful Remote Healing Attunement Audio’ that will connect you to your 12th Dimensional Healing ability (Valued at $Priceless)

Receive two private one on one 30 minute mentoring sessions with Helen via WhatsApp or Zoom to help you transform, awaken, up-level and heal during your Sacred 5 -Elite Healing journey. (Valued at $1500) 
Receive 5 x Quantum Healing Audio's.  Be transported to higher dimensions in these 5 revitalising 30 minute healings. Clear, expand and up-level your energy field. Raise your life force and alchemize your shadow programming. (Valued at $1250)


Pre-requisite: Must have completed the Sacred 5 – Healing Mastery© Course.

All those committed to expanding their consciousness and accessing the full power of their soul.
Those who are passionate about up-levelling their healing abilities to help transform themselves and others.
Heart centred, compassionate people who are ready to access their full power by becoming a Healing Master.
Open minded people who are ready to learn new concepts and let go of old, outdated beliefs and programs.
People who want to have optimum health and vitality, all while growing younger.

Those who are ready to let go of ‘lack’ energies and start to manifest their desires in an easy and effortless way.
People who want to start living an amazing, abundant and love filled life.
For those people who are willing to let go of excuses and embrace their higher self, so they can become an Elite Healing Master.

For all of the Sacred 5 practitioners who are wanting to start a business as a Healing Professional or add this to your existing Modality or take their business to the next level.


Module 1- Advanced Clearing Techniques: What are dark energies? Protecting your energy while clearing (Merkaba), Learn to perform the Dark and Negative energy clearing. (Receive a checklist, Merkaba activation and meditation)

Module 2- Restoring your DNA: Clearing the DNA, Restoring the DNA, Activate your God DNA, Re-calibrate cells, Learn how to perform a DNA Clearing and Restoration.(Receive a checklist, DNA meditation and connecting to your God DNA meditation)

Module 3- Advanced Balancing Techniques: Auric Identities, occupants and discarnants. Learn how to do an Auric Clearing, Balance the auric field with your environment, Balance your body. (Receive a checklist, Resonance exercise audio, Re-calibrating your tones audio)

Module 4- Release and Expand: Release Karma and remove the karmic blueprint, Sending energy back, Learn how to do a Karmic Clearing, Release sick and negative spirits and restore organs to full health, Activate your Merkaba. (Checklist, Karmic love meditation, Activate and Strengthen your Merkaba audio)

Module 5- Activate your way into the 12th Dimension: How to heal from the 12th Dimension, Learn how to perform a DNA Activation, Healing with the power of grids, Earth and Planetary healing, Remote Healing and Travel. (Receive a checklist, DNA Strand activation audio, Temple of Light meditation, Healing grid activation audio, Connecting to nature and the elements meditation, Relocation meditation)

I would love for you to join me in the Elite Healing Mastery©

You will learn to send healing to a global audience, either one on one or to several people at once. This is healing from a whole other level and mastery. If you are ready to say YES and be one of the few people on the planet that are healing from this level, than this transformative journey of Healing, Expansion and Awakening is waiting for you to step up and become the person you were always meant to be. If you are ready to go deeper and experience a life you have only dared to dream about; the next level is only one click away.

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  • ELITE Healing Mastery© Transformational Online Home Study Program

  • •5 In depth ELITE Healing Mastery modules with 26 Lessons

    •Access to over 4 hours of amazing content through the 5 support Q&A calls from the previous Sacred 5 Elite Healing Mastery©.

  • •Receive a remote 12th Dimensional Healing Attunement by Helen. This attunement will help you to connect to higher frequencies and dimensions. ($Priceless)

  • •Receive 5 x Quantum Healing Audio's.  Be transported to higher dimensions in these 5 revitalising 30 minute healings. Clear, expand and up-level your energy field. Raise your life force and alchemize your shadow programming. (Valued at $1250)

  • •Lifetime Access to all the course content

    •Learn how to clear Dark and Negative Energies (Valued at $1000)

  • •Learn how to Restore DNA  (Valued at $1000)

    •Learn how to perform a full Karmic Clearing  (Valued at $1000)

    •Learn how to perform a full Auric Healing  (Valued at $1000)

    •Learn how to perform a DNA Activation  (Valued at $1000)

    Meditations, audio’s, activations plus so much more

    Become a certified Sacred 5 – Elite Healing© Practitioner (Advanced Level) (Receive a printable PDF certificate on completion)

  • Sacred 5-ELITE Healing Mastery©
    One Payment: $3000 USD
  • Payment Plan: 4x Payments of $800 USD

Learn the Sacred 5-ELITE Healing Method© and Get set to Clear, Restore, Balance, Release and Activate your way to Elite healing mastery!


Sacred 5 - Elite Healing Mastery

I took Helen’s Sacred 5 Elite Healing Mastery course because I found myself on a rollercoaster of patterns which if  left immediately unaddressed, it would have led to a disastrous outcome. I needed to take back my life, my power and my world straight away. 

My childhood was full of trauma and my adult life was full of pain.  I was living in a toxic environment that made me believe that it’s not possible to have it all. I believed, you can’t have it, you can’t do anything to fix it, you can’t change your situation, no one can help you, stop being naive, stop being stubborn, you’re always dreaming. 

Then I came across Helen’s work and I decided to take the course and found out that everything I wanted for my life was obtainable and more. I could claim back my power, I could be happy and free. I could breathe again. 

The Sacred 5 Elite Healing Mastery course is very informative, instructive, precise and effective. It leaves you with a life altering experience armed with tools that are intuitive, widely applicable, immediately effective, helpful and innate. 

I found myself fully armed with processes and tools which were not only helpful but were fun too. I felt so supported and guided through every stage and I felt that I was able to create the changes I wanted and see instantaneous results. 

I highly recommend The Sacred 5 - Elite Healing Mastery course to everyone and most especially for anyone feeling like they’re losing control of their life. It’s time to take back control and claim your power back!

Thank you Helen,

Courtney Lippett