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Learn to access the full Power of your Soul and Heal like a Master!

Experience the freedom, joy and expansion that comes with aligning to your true self and the Healer Within.  Awaken and shift from old, outdated patterns of awareness and move into expanded states of consciousness. Activate your Psychic Abilities, discover how to move energy and transform it and forever shift the way you live your life!

Do you want to learn to Heal like a Master?

Do you wish to help family, friends and clients transform and heal?

Are you ready to transform your energy and receive more abundance, deeper connection, higher awareness, a healthier body, greater joy?

Do you want to activate your Psychic and Intuitive abilities and access Higher Dimensions?

Are you ready to step into your power, connect to Universal Energies and Manifest at a higher level.

Are you ready to take a QUANTUM LEAP, become the greatest version of yourself and ignite the Healer Within!

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are READY to access your Healing  & Intuitive abilities. Get set to take a deep dive and start to THRIVE in the 5th dimension and beyond.

After years of honing her craft, working with hundreds of clients and learning from some of the worlds top healing and spiritual masters, Helen created her own unique method of healing which blends the practical with the mystical, to bring you a transformative, life changing process and step by step system – The Sacred 5 – Healing Mastery©

This 5 step healing system is based on the principles – Clear, Restore, Balance, Release and Activate. Helen created these foundational steps as a way to make sense and bring understanding to higher, esoteric concepts, so that anyone can learn to heal and bring through higher energies in a practical and grounded way.

How to Heal People

Discover how Universal energy works and learn how to do Hands on Healing, Quantum Healing and use it to clear and heal people, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Clear Negative Energies

Learn to clear negative energies for yourself and others. Utilise a powerful energy technique and clear your house, car, wallet and technology.

Expand your Psychic Abilities

Learn how to Dowse, Muscle test, Sense Energy and Awaken your Sixth Sense, so that you can gain accurate answers and guidance for yourself and your healing clients.

Energy Processes and Techniques

Discover new, powerful energy processes that will Expand your Consciousness, Raise your Frequency and Connect you to Divine Source.

A New Journey of Awakening and Transformation

In order to renew, awaken and evolve, a new method of transformation is needed, a method of high vibrational processes, so potent, that they have the ability to change the course of your life in as little as a few weeks and months.

This is a new journey of awakening and transformation, that will be a bit like going down the rabbit hole and removing yourself from the Matrix, where you have been trapped, blocked and stagnating.  Once you take the leap, there is no going back and your life will be changed forever.

EMERGE as a powerful new version of yourself, fully restored and responsible for the creation of the next part of your journey.

EXPAND into a new and higher frequency of love, joy, peace and light.  Then use these new vibrations to transform your relationships, career, health and wealth.

EVOLVE into the person you truly are meant to be at a soul level.  Live and follow your passions and purpose in an authentic and heart centred way.

This is not just another Healing Course; You will not be learning about Crystals, Chakra’s, Oracle Cards or Reiki.  This is a Foundational Course for everything Energy, I will teach you techniques that you may never have heard of or experienced before.  These are powerful tools that I have used to get amazing results with hundreds of clients around the world over the last 7 years. I am confident that when you use these new techniques and processes and practice them every day, you WILL literally TRANSFORM your life and the lives of those around you!


The Sacred 5 – Healing Mastery© is a Transformational online home study program.
You will receive full access to all five modules of the Sacred 5 – Healing Mastery.
You can go at your own pace as you have lifetime access to all the course content.
Gain access to Instructional Video’s, transcripts and PDF Handouts of all Energy Processes and Techniques.
Listen to a live monthly group call with Helen and get all your questions answered.
Access all archived recorded webinars from our past live Healing Mastery courses.
All Content can be accessed through your own private Sacred 5 Dashboard with a secure Log in.


Receive your ‘Powerful Remote Attunement Audio’ that will connect you to your full healing ability and will help you to access Higher Dimensions and Divine Source. (Valued at $140)
Receive the Remote ‘Sacred 5 Clearing & Activations’ (Valued at $897) and feel fully aligned with your Higher Self.


People committed to their Spiritual Growth
Those who are passionate about healing themselves and others.
Heart centred, compassionate people.
Anyone who is open minded and ready to learn new concepts.
People who want to have optimum health.
Those who wish to Manifest with Ease.
People who want to change their ordinary lives into an extraordinary life.
For those people who are willing to put in the practice to become a Master.
Anyone wanting to start a business as a Healing Professional or add this to your existing Modality.


Module 1- Clearing & Foundational Studies: Dowsing & muscle testing, Sensing energy & energy defense, Activating your 6th sense, Working with clients & clearing checklist.

Module 2- Restoring Life force: Building life force, Balancing all the energy fields & Restoring the organs to full health.

Module 3- Balance & Align: Removing hooks & attachments, Clear & balance the aura & Neutralize the energies in your enviroment.

Module 4- Releasing the Past: Clearing negative karmic influences & past life influences & removing relationship shards, Clearing memory from the past, home, body, car, wallet & water.

Module 5- Activate your Healing Ability: Hands on healing techniques, Quantum healing teachniques & Visualisation healing techniques.

I would love for you to join me on this life changing journey of Healing, Expansion and Awakening. If you are ready to go deeper and experience a life you have only dared to dream about; the next level is only one click away.

Your Bonus!! The Sacred 5 – Clearing & Activations (Value $897)

Clear – Dark and Negative energies and attachments.

Restore – Your original DNA template and Blueprint, removing genetic problems and destructive programming.

Balance – Your Auric field, remove and dissolve fear, worry and stress and energy cords.

Release – Karmic ties to people, places and things and energy shards from past relationships.

Activate – Re-activate the DNA Strands 4-12 and the DNA Master Code.

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  • Healing Mastery© Transformational Online Home Study Program

  • •5 In depth Healing Mastery modules with 28 Lessons

    •5x Recordings of previous Sacred 5 Healing Mastery Q&A calls with Helen

    •Lifetime Access to all the course content

    •(Bonus) 5 Powerful Clearings & Activations

    Day 1 - Freedom from Dark & Negative Energies

    Day 2 - DNA Clearing

    Day 3 - Auric Clearing

    Day 4 - Karmic Clearing

    Day 5 - DNA Activation

    •5 High Frequency Audios

    •(Bonus) Powerful Remote Attunement

    •Become a certified Sacred 5 – Healing Practitioner (Foundational Level)
    (Receive a printable PDF certificate on completion)

  • Sacred 5- Healing Mastery©
    One Payment: $850 USD
  • Payment Plan: $900 USD (2 payments of $450)

Learn the Sacred 5 Healing Method and Get set to Clear, Restore, Balance, Release and Activate your way to healing mastery!


Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

Helen, I want to thank you very much for your lovely work with the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery. You are a great teacher who comes from the premise of love and compassion. I have gone though the modules again and enjoyed them very much and I learn something new each time I do. I highly recommend you to many of my patients.

Dr.Kaur M.D


Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I had been looking for a healing course, when a friend suggested I have a look at The Sacred 5 Healing Mastery course. I was impressed with what I saw and enrolled to start. I had a very positive experience with the course. It was set out in such a way that it catered for all learning styles, and the fact that it was online enabled it to be flexible to everyone's different lifestyle commitments.

The course enabled a solid foundation to be laid, so that each person could develop the required skills and then proceed to find their natural talents and expand upon these. Helen was available to answer any question and really assisted you to develop to your highest potential.

The Sacred 5 helped me gain a greater awareness of myself and others, and how to best blend these together when giving a healing so that the best possible outcome can be achieved. My life has changed by being more aware of areas in my life that I wasn't willing to acknowledge, and being open to accept these areas and work on them.

My biggest aha moment was learning that the energy residue from previous lives can have an impact on our current life/or the lives of the people you are doing healings on. Helen is a fabulous teacher who is very down to earth, and really willing to assist you on your journey. The course allows everyone to develop at their own pace and Helen assists where you are at and encourages each persons natural talents. The webinars in the course are brilliant, as you get to connect to others who are doing the course and bounce ideas /experiences around. I would recommend Helen and the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery to anyone interested in healing work either for themselves or to be of service to others.

Lenley Bursle


Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I couldn't resist to let you know after I watched a few videos today and had a closer look, that I aaaabslolutely love love love the Sacred 5! It's amazing and perfect! I am so grateful, I feel like I am sitting in the same room with you and absorbing all your knowledge , advice and teaching.

I had some happy crying and laughter too while watching the video's. I can see the hard work you put into it to prepare a perfect course for us. I'm so so so excited and so happy to be in this process and very lucky having the best teacher and mentor in the world I could imagine and wished for. Thank you Helen very much . I feel like I am remembering and getting all my memories back, it feels so good though.

I feel like this was meant to happen in my life, it makes me happy and feels so right. I can't wait to be a better me!

Petra K.


Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I started seeing Helen in January 2018 for soul healing sessions. I felt lost, depressed, life felt as if it was a chore, I was anxious and I felt that I had no joy in my life. Since then Helen has helped me in so many ways.
Not only have I had soul healings done by Helen, I have joined her live healing circles, I have completed her Sacred 5 Healing Mastery Course. I am now having personal mentoring sessions with her and I have signed up to do her Elite Healing Mastery course next year.

Thank you to Helen I am now a new person. For the first time in my life I can say that I am happy, I am happy with the road I am travelling down. I have found to love myself, to respect myself, to be proud of the person I am. I no longer walk around with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I feel light, I feel alive. I am more positive and I feel worthy.

I am lucky enough to experience Helen’s soul healings in person and by distance. I recommend both. You do really get the same service. I came away from all my healings feeling more positive, lighter and happier.
The live healing circles rejuvenate me even if I watch the video’s at a later time. It is as if Helen always makes the healing circles just for me as she explains what is happening with the energies at that time, which usually resonates with what I am going through. Each and everyone who joins the healing circle feels this way and everyone walks away with some kind of clarity and free group healing. Trust me, you will feel energy shifts.

I started Helen’s Sacred 5 Healing Mastery Course in February, mainly for myself. I loved the idea of emerging, expanding and evolving into the person I have always wanted to be, the person I am meant to be. Helen’s course is structured in such a user friendly way providing both pdf versions and video’s. I found both techniques helpful and easy to follow. Her voice is like an angel. Helen has the biggest heart, is very passionate about her course, her healing abilities and is considerate to each and every client and their needs. Helen is happy to answer any questions no matter how silly you think that question maybe. She is very patient and understanding. I definitely recommend the VIP package. Helen’s one on one guidance is very worthwhile. You also get access to her other Webinars, S.E.T. to Evolve Programs and other Energy Videos. I use most of Helen’s techniques daily. I have definitely come away from this course transformed in a higher and better frequency.
I no longer fear the unknown.

Helen has answered questions for me of what I have been searching for, for many years.
For the first time in my life I feel like I have a purpose. My life if full of abundance, I have greater joy in my life, higher awareness, a healthier body and I am now doing healings on others.
I am forever grateful for being introduced to Helen Fernandez. She has definitely healed, expanded and awoken me

Kristy Reibel


Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

When I first saw and read about the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery course and what it involved and offered, I automatically just lit up from within. I knew I had to do this , not only for myself but so I could hopefully help others, even if it was on a smaller scale of family and friends and the like. I had to give this a go. And I personally had previous healing from Helen and also received the Soul Awakening reading with Helen and knew how much she had helped me and opened my awareness of self and all around me, it just really felt like the next step in my life and soul's journey that I needed to take and truly invest in myself and follow my hearts callings. That is why I chose to invest in the VIP option, so I could mentor with Helen personally.

The course felt so right, from the first module the content is so well presented. It is just so well planned and thought out and easy to understand and follow. I looked forward to each and every day of learning and taking part in the work, It was such a joy. It give's you a solid foundation and framework to build upon, in a safe and supportive environment. Helen is the best support you could ever wish for and such a wonderful mentor . I am SO happy and so grateful and blessed to have gone through this process and journey with her. She is AMAZING! I easily understood all the content and particularly liked the videos and how clearly I could grasp everything Helen went through. And I loved how you are given the option of having visual, audio or PDF files to work through. I made use of all options at different times, whichever worked best for me at any given time. Everything is so accessible and easy.

What you receive from and through the course and from Helen, is absolutely, without any hesitation 100% value . I would say more than 100% value. I actually feel it has been the best value of not only money spent, but my time and effort and investment to date. Taking part in the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery course has certainly been life changing. I am so much more at ease within myself,clearer headed and more confident. More able to speak up for myself when the occasions present themselves. Not so fearful of change and what might happen next or the unknown. My need to Over-analyze everything has calmed down and I am just so much clearer. I now have so much awareness of the dynamics within my relationships and for others, it has just been incredible. It feels, for the first time, in a really long time, everything just makes such sense and I can truly see things for what they really are. It is a priceless encounter and discovery and is so evident in my life now. I don't feel so much at the mercy of everyone around me , emotionally or energetically, which was another breakthrough. And I also learned from this course it is really oKay to be "sensitive", I just didn't have the tools previously to know how to take back that control and self empowerment and being able to protect myself energetically and emotionally and even mentally. You really don't have to be this person, who feels overwhelmed, tired so much of the time, feeling emotionally drained, the list goes on. You really, truly can change and transform these feelings and mindsets, they are not real! I no longer have to be and live my life at the mercy of these things. I know, because I have that awareness now and am living it. Once you walk and take this path, there is no taking back that awareness. You are changing your life by changing your awareness and expanding your consciousness so much more, and also your soul's frequency. How life transforming is that? I would definitely say amazingly so ????

I feel more like my true self and definitely quite comfortable in who I am now. I feel more whole and in touch with myself and who I truly am . It's magical for me . Another of the best experiences from out of all of this, is finding and really knowing what my soul gifts are and what I have been born to do . That is huge for me and I cannot even express how good it feels . And a bonus too for me from going through the Healing Mastery, was the confirmation of feeling I am here in this life to help others and finding out it is true

The biggest a-ha moment from the Sacred 5 course would be, how much the mind affects your world and what we create in that world. It really is up to us what we create and believe of and about ourselves. We are each responsible for all things in our world, our minds, our bodies, our beliefs, our souls, our energy fields, our everything. We are the creators of our world. And what we choose to do with that, is up to us, we are responsible. Realising this, can bring much freedom, when not living from fear . You really can dream big things and create what you truly desire from your heart. It's okay and possible to do that.

I would like to say to anyone curious or drawn to studying The Sacred 5 Healing Mastery course, take that dive down in to the rabbit hole, and don't just dive, RUN! WALK! SWIM! GLIDE! Whichever feels good for you and you will see what wonderful experiences and the beautiful awakenings and journey that is there awaiting you. It's a journey I will always be thankful for, to Helen and for the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery Course. I'm truly grateful, and I thank you Helen for sharing your gift with us all .

KVena Banner


Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I feel like a new born baby. No jokes. I feel fresh and I feel like me. As in, I am fully connected to myself. From the lessons I’ve had with this course I’m now able to drop my old patterns and feel powerful and focused to create new ways of living that serve me and what I wish to do in life.

The Sacred 5 Healing Mastery has given me a new found determination and dedication to myself. It has awoken my inner power, giving me the confidence that I can create the life that I would love to live. Also the confidence that I can share my gifts with others and most importantly my biggest takeaway moment would be that I now love myself.

Thank you so much Helen, you’ve seriously helped change my life. I’m so grateful for everything you have taught me and can’t wait to get even deeper with this new life adventure! Let the adventures begin!

Lucy Hutton


Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I took Helen’s Sacred 5 course because I found myself on a rollercoaster of patterns which if  left immediately unaddressed, it would have led to a disastrous outcome. I needed to take back my life, my power and my world straight away. 

My childhood was full of trauma and my adult life was full of pain.  I was living in a toxic environment that made me believe that it’s not possible to have it all. I believed, you can’t have it, you can’t do anything to fix it, you can’t change your situation, no one can help you, stop being naive, stop being stubborn, you’re always dreaming. 

Then I came across Helen’s work and I decided to take the course and found out that everything I wanted for my life was obtainable and more. I could claim back my power, I could be happy and free. I could breathe again. 

The Sacred 5 course is very informative, instructive, precise and effective. It leaves you with a life altering experience armed with tools that are intuitive, widely applicable, immediately effective, helpful and innate. 

I found myself fully armed with processes and tools which were not only helpful but were fun too. I felt so supported and guided through every stage and I felt that I was able to create the changes I wanted and see instantaneous results. 

The Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery course is for everyone, from all backgrounds and diversity. There’s no prerequisite knowledge or training required, only sheer determination and a strong will to be ready to move out of the pits and into the light. I highly recommend it to everyone and most especially for anyone feeling like they’re losing control of their life. It’s time to take back control and claim your power back!

Thank you Helen,

Courtney Lippett


Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

When Helen first told me in 2015 about her healing modality, The Sacred 5 and how it removed lifetimes of spiritual parasites, raised your energy vibration plus included the reactivation of your 12 dna strands, I was both curious and excited about having it done. In the 1 year of having it done there has been 3 major life changing events that took place. I went from Vegetarian to Vegan, I left my marriage of 25 years and I started my dream business which is doing ‘Soul Readings.’ I can honestly say that I have never felt so vibrationally light. The first incredible thing I noticed was that all the (monkey) mind chatter was gone. Never had I experienced such peace and quiet in my mind.

 I also noticed that there was no emotional pain associated with ending my marriage. To me this was amazing as we all know the emotional roller coaster we expect to go through after such a major transition. I totally accepted that my ex husband had his own path to travel as I did. I also noticed how detached I felt from other people’s dramas. Helen’s Sacred 5 healing’s have been absolutely life changing for me and I highly recommend her to anyone. When your vibration is high you become more and more aware.

 Helen can clearly see what blocks are stopping you from achieving the life you want then she clears it while giving you the tools to keep moving forward. She creates that sacred space for you so you can then embrace any new challenges while standing in your own power. To me this is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Expect to become even more aware, know yourself completely, feel more loving, awaken your dormant spiritual gifts again and feel more empowered.
Thankyou so much Helen.



Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

What a journey the Sacred 5 was! It was such a beautiful clearing and exactly what my mind, body and soul was craving. I am so thankful to Helen for offering such a transformative clearing like this and would not put my soul body into any other hands. The continual support I received from Helen during the Sacred 5 helped me release so much energy as well as attachments and has started me on what feels like a new life! I learnt so much about myself and was able to trust in myself and to realise which thoughts were hindering me and which were helping me progress towards my true and highest self. Helen really is a guardian angel, and we are so lucky to have such a vibrant, caring and happy energy here with us to help pave our paths through these turbulent times. I always felt safe with her healings and she was more than happy to read my huge emails full of questions about the clearings and myself at the end of each day. I would recommend the Sacred 5 to anyone who is feeling ‘stuck in a rut’ or just needs support in the transformative process of forming stronger connections with their true self and intuition! I have a renewed excitement for life and for deepening my connection with myself. I now have a clarity that has aligned me with my life goals and am back on the road to my destiny! 

Sally Taylor