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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING THIS WEB SITE OR SERVICES. By accessing, booking or using any area of this site or service, you agree to these terms and conditions and will abide by the appropriate rules and regulations. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this site, then you may not use this site or the services provided.






HELEN FERNANDEZ reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions pertaining to the web site and services in question. It is your responsibility to regularly check and peruse these terms and conditions.


HELEN FERNANDEZ may discontinue, change or cancel a service of any aspect, including content, features, specials, or database content without liability or prior notice.




HELEN FERNANDEZ and its entire relevant site content is strictly for personal and noncommercial use. You may not copy, share, disseminate, license, reproduce, display, publish, re-brand, transfer, record, create unoriginal works from, or sell any information, recording, product or service obtained from HELEN FERNANDEZ or helenfernandez.com.


When sharing or posting information contained in Helen Fernandez’s newsletter in ANY FORM, ensure you share or post information in its entirety with FULL ACCREDITATION given to the author HELEN FERNANDEZ, including a link to her web site www.helenfernandez.com


In order to REPUBLISH original content and information included in Helen Fernandez’s newsletter, permission must be requested and approved in order for this to occur. To obtain permission, please contact: admin@helenfernandez.com


You may display, electronically copy, download, and produce hard copies of specific site content that has been uploaded for your personal and noncommercial use only. This excludes specific material that has been expressed as restricted or copyright.


Any other use of site material such as reproduction, modification, dissemination, republication or transmission, without a source of permission from HELEN FERNANDEZ is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.




All of the content associated with helenfernandez.com, including but not limited to, logo, text, graphics, formats, databases, interfaces, design, code, and site arrangement is protected by copyright and is the sole property of HELEN FERNANDEZ. All registered trademarks are property of HELEN FERNANDEZ. Copyright infringement could possibly lead to further legal action.




Overdue payments:


If the account continues to stay overdue after several attempts to debit your account and has not been paid by the next billing period and you have not had any communication with HELEN FERNANDEZ or the team at helenfernandez.com then the service or membership will be cancelled and the overdue account will be turned over to collections.


Late payments:


Please note, all potential late payments must be communicated to HELEN FERNANDEZ or her team at helenfernandez.com, and they will be notified as to the circumstance surrounding the late payment. If the account in question is not paid in full by the next scheduled billing date (please refer to Overdue payments above) then the Service or Membership will be cancelled and turned over to collections. Late payments and their circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis under Helen’s discretion.


Outstanding payments:


All accounts are to be paid within 7 days from the first declined payment or banking issue.


If no contact is made after HELEN FERNANDEZ request for payment or the account is not settled/still overdue in 7 days after the first declined payment or banking issue, access to all Services and Memberships including THE COSMIC UPGRADE, DESTINY DIAGNOSIS, THE DESTINY VORTEX IMMERSION AND THE MILLION DOLLAR DESTINY VORTEX MEMBERSHIP will be suspended indefinitely. Access will become re-instated once full payment is made and account brought into balance before the next billing cycle.








THE COSMIC UPGRADE payment plan fees are due monthly. As the client, you enter into a binding agreement for 3 months and are COMMITTED to pay the allocated amount every month for the allocated time period. If the account is not paid, appropriate action will be taken (please refer to Overdue payments and Outstanding payments above). This is a serious contract that is not taken lightly. HELEN FERNANDEZ stresses the strong commitment needed for this contract and payment plan schedule.


Payment plans:


HELEN FERNANDEZ offers no payments plans to pay off overdue, outstanding, or due accounts. Payment is scheduled for 3 monthly installments and no other timeframe or payment plan will be available.




If you have a serious medical condition/illness or financial struggles or difficulties, you MUST seek professional, medical or financial help. Helen is in no way a medical practitioner, psychologist, health professional or financial advisor. Content on HELEN FERNANDEZ website helenfernandez.com or Facebook pages are in no way a form of professional, medical or financial help. Please seek the appropriate professional avenue for your condition or situation.


Webinars can be changed at any time in conjunction with Helen’s schedule. New times and/or arrangements will always be confirmed and communicated with members/students at the earliest possible convenience prior to the original commencement time.


Webinars are subject to technological issues. Notice will always be communicated to members/students and new times and/or arrangements will always be confirmed at the earliest possible convenience prior to the original commencement time.


Healing’s are subject to Helen’s schedule. New times and/or arrangements will always be confirmed and communicated with members/students/clients at the earliest possible convenience prior to the original commencement time.





All member information, both personal and financial, is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Your information will NEVER be distributed to other individuals, organizations, or third-party bodies.





In the case of HELEN FERNANDEZ listing an incorrect price for a product or service due to user typographical error, HELEN FERNANDEZ shall reserve the right to refuse, suspend or cancel any orders or bookings whether or not the credit card or PayPal has been charged or the order or booking has been confirmed. In this situation, HELEN FERNANDEZ shall issue a credit into your chosen credit card account for the amount that was charged.




Information and content that is provided during personal sessions and published on helenfernandez.com is purely for educational and referential usage. Helen Fernandez’s services are not to be taken as a substitute for professional, financial, medical care or advice. No information based on this site or in sessions or readings, teaching or services, should be relied on for diagnosing issues, ailments, symptoms, conditions, disorders or any illness or situation that the client may possess or be experiencing. All enquiries should be directed to a health professional or financial expert in the relevant area.




Goods and Services Tax (GST) is included in services for Australian customers at the end of the checkout by adding on an additional 10%. International customers will not be charged GST. When an order has been placed for a product, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address, and once the product is sent, another email will be sent confirming the dispatch confirmation along with your personal tracking number and order details.


Postage policy (Australia): All items posted by Australia Post Regular Service.

International policy (Outside of Australia): All items posted by Australia Post Air Mail Service.


HELEN FERNANDEZ posts to the exact postal address listed in the client’s PayPal account or in the required fields.


Parcels not being received:

If a parcel is not received within the required shipping or posting time or is not delivered to the correct address that was listed, please contact: ADMIN@HELENFERNANDEZ immediately for us to rectify the situation. Our team will attempt to track your parcel through Australia Post to see where it has ended up or what has happened to it.


Once Australia Post have located the product in question, ultimately it will be up to HELEN FERNANDEZ staff to decide whether a full refund or replacement is to be issued to you.


HELEN FERNANDEZ does not take responsibility for incorrect or misspelt postal addresses. The confirmation email that is sent confirms your address for posting and if incorrect, that is your responsibility to contact us and correct the incorrect address. HELEN FERNANDEZ takes care in packaging and distributing the ordered products to recipients and their provided postal address.


HELEN FERNANDEZ is not responsible for any goods damaged in transit.


International parcels:

When confirming an order from www.helenfernandez.com web site, you take into consideration the customs policy and charges your country or authority put into place. The recipient may be subject to importing fees, taxes, custom levies and shipment duties that HELEN FERNANDEZ has no control over. Policies vary from country to country and one must be up-to-date with their current policies when ordering a product. For more information, your local customs office should be sought out and contacted.


Product refund policy:

HELEN FERNANDEZ is not responsible for replacing any products that were damaged in transit by postal means. We will order an exchange or a refund for the following circumstances:

–       You didn’t have a simple change of mind (e.g. I don’t want it now)

–       You can provide a proof of purchase

–       The goods were not damaged in transit

–       The goods have a legitimate manufacturing fault


If you believe your product fits into any of the above categories, please contact: admin@helenfernandez.com and one of our team members will issue you with a reference code to be quoted on the return parcel you will have to send back to our headquarters at your own discretion and expense before any refund is confirmed.


Upon receiving the parcel, we will test the product for its correctness and if found to be faulty of any kind and not subjected to transit damage, an identical working replacement or appropriate refund will be issued to you.




Cancellations or changes to bookings are required to be arranged 48 hours before the allotted time and date of your original booking. In this instance, please email support@helenfernandez.com 


If an appointment is missed due to misunderstanding of times and dates or conflicting schedules, no refund will be given. Refunds will only be issued under Helen Fernandez’s discretion.


HELEN FERNANDEZ requires 20% deposits on all mentoring program transactions to secure your spot. This deposit is non-refundable unless, by Helen Fernandez’s discretion, the circumstances are dire and understandable. Rescheduling can be achieved through the appropriate booking avenues, but only a full payment acting as a deposit will have to be made as a fail safe.


All other bookings & mentoring programs will have to be paid in full to fully secure an appointment.


In the event of a Skype session or Zoom session, Internet or connection problems could occur. HELEN FERNANDEZ is not responsible for a connection problem on your end, and your appointment will be forfeited. A refund may be issued under Helen Fernandez’s discretion.


If an appointment is scheduled and you arrive late, your session will be subsequently shortened and you will have to forfeit the full transaction.


You will receive an email confirming your booking. HELEN FERNANDEZ is not responsible for incorrect information or client typographical errors.




All testimonials submitted by electronic, written, audio or photographic format by individuals instantly become the property of Helen Fernandez. All and any testimonials can be used in a controlled capacity by advertisers or individuals to promote Helen Fernandez and her mentoring/coaching programs at our discretion.




HELEN FERNANDEZ certifies any likeness to any external web sites are completely coincidental and they are not in any way affiliated with HELEN FERNANDEZ.


This site and all of its included materials, content and information belong to Helen Fernandez. All content is subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced without appropriate permission or rights.


While HELEN FERNANDEZ endeavours to make the information on this website as timely and accurate as possible, HELEN FERNANDEZ makes no claims, warranties, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or adequacy of the site content, and disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this site.




When making a booking or confirming an appointment, you give HELEN FERNANDEZ permission to use, store and accumulate the personal data from your order form. This information is confidential and is not distributed to anyone outside of HELEN FERNANDEZ.


Your personal information is only used for the purpose of data entry and what you gave it to us for. Your personal information is not posted, uploaded or shared to anyone from an external source.