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What Others Say


'I have been working with Helen for the last 10 years. Her gifts have literally saved my life. I recently embarked on Helen's newest offering; The Destiny Vortex Immersion.
I experienced insights and change within 12 hours of reading just the first Destiny Code and Archetype. Since completing the 5 day immersion program, I've had some of the deepest and most profound insights and messages ever!
Helen has a truly amazing gift, I would not hesitate in recommending her or any of her programs to anyone. 
Over the years she has helped me transform, grow and thrive in ways I never would have been able to on my own.
I will never be able to thank Helen enough!'

Catherine F. 


‘Wow, just finished day 5 of the Destiny Vortex Immersion & I’m so grateful that I was one of the first to complete this amazing online immersion. It has been an exciting week of transformation & I'm so ready to embrace the person I’m truly meant to be, with the help of these beautiful Archetypes & Destiny Codes! Big thanks to Helen Fernandez for always being OUR shining light!.’

Amanda Dillion.


'Wow, what an inspirational week we've just had with our 5 day Destiny Vortex Immersion! An uplifting, soul searching adventure!! We now have wonderful tools to implement moving forward & transforming our lives !
Thank you so much always very enlightening!'

Colleen Dillion. 


‘The Destiny Codes literally changed the course of my life. Before The Destiny Codes, I had no direction and was quickly losing hope for my future. I felt as if I was stuck in a loop, wading through stagnant waters and never getting anywhere close to my goals. But when I started to activate the codes, they literally lifted me up out of my crappy situation and allowed me to claim back my power! I suddenly felt powerful and so in sync with the universe. The Destiny Codes awakened me and pulled me out of all my stories and excuses. They allowed me to see that I am the creator. After having no direction and fearing for the future, The Destiny Codes brought back my passion and determination. I decided I wanted to study design and embrace my role as an artist. Thank you so much Helen for creating these powerful, life changing codes!'

Izzy F.


‘I want to thank Helen for supporting us on our journey. Wow! I've known Helen for over 5 years. She has helped me throughout my personal journey and now has helped me with my Business which has absolutely exploded in Momentum and we are enjoying much success. I know that through Helen’s guidance and Intuitive Mentoring Sessions, we have been able to become better Leaders in our business and especially better Servant leaders so we can achieve our goal to positively impact the world. Thank you Helen for your love, support, guidance – we cannot ever thank you enough’.

Elsa Morgan /
Creator of "The Queenie Effect"


‘Working with Helen has been life changing and the best value of not only money spent, but my time, effort and investment to date. It feels like for the first time in a really long time,  everything just makes sense and I can see things for what they really are. My awareness has expanded along with my consciousness and my souls frequency. I now have the tools to take back control of my life and be the creator of my life. I have reaffirmed my soul's gifts and strengthened my path to help others. I have the tools to now create big things and what my heart desires. I would say that anyone curious about working or studying with Helen to dive down the rabbit hole. You will see what wonderful experiences and beautiful awakenings await you. I am truly grateful for this life changing experience and thank you Helen for sharing your gift with me.’

Vena Banner /
 Quantum Healer

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 ‘Helen, I want to thank you very much for your amazing work. You are a great teacher who comes from the premise of love and compassion. Every time I connect with you, I learn something new each and every time, which in turn awakens me to higher levels of consciousness. I highly recommend you to many of my patients. You are an absolute blessing! 

Dr. H. Kaur / 
General Practitioner & Women's Health Expert


‘Thanks to Helen, I’m now able to drop my old patterns and feel powerful and focused to create new ways of living that serve me and what I wish to do in life.
I have a new found determination and dedication to myself. It has re-awoken my inner power, giving me the confidence that I can create the life that I would love to live. Also the confidence that I can share my gifts with others and most importantly my biggest takeaway moment would be that I now love myself completely.
Thank you so much Helen, you’ve seriously helped change my life. I’m so grateful for everything you have taught me and can’t wait to get even deeper with this new life adventure! Let the adventures begin!’

Lucy Hutton /
Healing Practitioner


 ‘When I first came to  Helen, I felt lost, depressed and like there was no joy in my life anymore, but thanks to her intuitive healing’s, mentoring and teachings, I am now a new person. For the first time in my life I can say that I am truly happy.  I am now emerging, expanding and evolving into the person I have always wanted to be. Helen has the biggest heart and is compassionate, patient and understanding. Helen’s intuitive guidance is so life changing and she has answered questions for me that I have been searching for, for many years. For the first time in my life I feel like I am living my purpose. I am now doing healing’s for others, my life is full of abundance, I have greater joy in my life, higher awareness and a healthier body and mind. I am forever grateful for being introduced to Helen Fernandez. She has definitely healed, expanded and awoken me.’ 

Kristy Reibel /
Quantum Healer & Body Talk Practitioner

"For the first time in my life I feel like I am living my Purpose"


‘When Helen first told me about her healing and energy modality, The Sacred 5 and how it removed lifetimes of spiritual parasites, raised your energy vibration plus included the reactivation of your 12 dna strands, I was both curious and excited about having it done. In the 1 year of having it done there has been 3 major life changing events that took place. I went from Vegetarian to Vegan, I left my marriage of 25 years and I started my dream business which is doing ‘Soul Readings and vibrational sound healing.’ I can honestly say that I have never felt so vibrationally light. The first incredible thing I noticed was that all the (monkey) mind chatter was gone. Never had I experienced such peace and quiet in my mind. I also noticed that there was no emotional pain associated with ending my marriage. To me this was amazing as we all know the emotional roller coaster we expect to go through after such a major transition. I also noticed how detached I felt from other people’s dramas. Helen’s Sacred 5 healing’s and activations have been absolutely life changing for me and I highly recommend her to anyone.. Helen can clearly see what blocks are stopping you from achieving the life you want then she clears it while giving you the tools to keep moving forward. She creates that sacred space for you so you can then embrace any new challenges while standing in your own power. To me this is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Expect to become even more aware, know yourself completely, feel more loving, awaken and strengthen your spiritual gifts and feel more empowered. Thank you so much Helen.’

Linda Kennedy /
Intuitive Sound Healer & Toning Specialist


‘Through her 1:1 Mentoring sessions and her Sacred 5 Healing Course, I have learned from her so many amazing and wonderful healing techniques and quantum concepts. I have always found myself listening to her wisdom, admiring her wisdom beyond her age and treasuring her advice. If you were to spend any time at all with Helen you would know that she is committed and is very passionate in what she does. Helen has definitely changed my thinking, my perceptions and perspectives and most importantly my life in a profound way. I’m more than thankful to have met Helen and very grateful that she is in my everyday life even when you consider I am on the other side of this planet. To sum it all up Helen is awesome..’

Monika /
Quantum Healer


I wanted to tell you that I have had huge shifts and uplevelling in my life since I completed the Destiny Wealth Codes and I have finally quit my corporate job!! 

I feel so grateful for all of your guidance and I am so excited for this next step in my business and life.  Thank you for always being such a huge support for me on my journey. I am forever grateful.'

Edith F. 

"BEST decision and investment I have made for Myself "


‘I had such a positive experience working and learning with Helen. Helen helped me to access new skills while expanding on my natural talents. She really assisted me to develop into my highest potential.
I have gained a greater awareness of myself and others, and how to best blend these new and existing skills together when giving a healing to my clients, so that the best possible outcome can be achieved. My life has changed by clearing old energy residue from previous lives as it was having an impact on my current life. Helen is a fabulous teacher who is very down to earth, and really willing to assist you on your journey.  Helen guides you while allowing you to develop at your own pace and assists where you are at and encourages you to expand your natural talents to propel you along on your path. I would recommend Helen and her powerful work to anyone interested in accelerating their healing work and expanding their reach to be of service to others.’ Lenley Bursle Barrett.

Lenley Bursle Barrett /
 Psychic & Quantum Healer


‘What a journey working with Helen in the Sacred 5! It is such powerful work and full of amazing,  beautiful clearing’s and activations. It was exactly what my mind, body and soul was craving. I am so thankful to Helen for offering such a transformative modality like this and would not put my soul body into any other hands. The continual support I received from Helen  helped me release so many energy blocks and patterns, as well as attachments and has started me on what feels like a new life! I learnt so much about myself and was able to trust in myself and to realise which thoughts were hindering me and which were helping me progress towards my true and highest self. Helen really is a guardian angel, and we are so lucky to have such a vibrant, caring and happy energy here with us to help pave our paths through these turbulent times. I always felt safe with her and I would recommend Helen and her amazing work to anyone who feels like they have plateaued or needs support in the transformative process of forming stronger connections with their soul work, true self and intuition! I have a renewed excitement for my life and soul work and for deepening my connection with myself. I now have a clarity that has aligned me with my life goals and am back on the road to my destiny! Thank you Helen!’ 

Sally Taylor /


‘I have to say……. I just feel like dancing. What a WONDERFUL feeling it is, to be more WHOLLY back in touch with my soul and more centred in myself and my life’s purpose and soul’s gifts and possibilities. Words can’t say how MAGNIFICENT it feels. MAGICAL even.

Helen has helped me connect to my potential and full embodied version of self. There were just a few blocks and obstacles in the way that I couldn’t see and she helped me to navigate them.

Deciding to approach Helen, and taking that leap and journey through Helen into the depths of my soul, to expand and uplevel via her life changing work, is the BEST decision and investment I have made for myself, in this life and clearly evident to myself what she has indeed done for me. 

As an individual, who is so, so cautious about the idea of allowing another person to “play” with my energy, so to speak, I cannot speak highly enough of Helen. The kindness and generosity of spirit which Helen so caringly and lovingly gives in aiding you and helping you to truly reconnect and know and realise who you really are at a DEEP soul level and what you yourself have to offer and potentially become and any blocks or other related things preventing you from realising your full potential and really embodying this, it is nothing less than AMAZING!!! She is a true light in the “darkness” . I can without ANY reservations of trust or doubt, completely and wholeheartedly recommend Helen to ANYONE! .

Also, I must mention how Helen is just so incredibly supportive, through every step of the way. From first contact with her and continuing right through all dealings and contact you have with her. Helen is such a beautiful gift and light to us all. The words “thank you” just don’t cut it.

FEELING and BEING more IN and OF myself and what I am here to do, is what I have been yearning for, from my heart and soul for so very long and thanks to Helen, it is now my reality here and now in this lifetime, Finally!!! I can honestly say, I am feeling better, stronger and more abundant with each and every passing day. From my heart and soul to your heart and soul Helen, I offer my sincerest of thanks, Thank you so much.’

V. Singh /
Intuitive Healer


'I started with Helen’s course and saw what wonderful progress I had made with the learnings from her online course. I wanted to heal on a deeper level and to claim back my power, so that nothing would stand in my way moving forward. So I reached out to Helen for access to her 1:1 Mentoring. 

Working with Helen has changed my world. I’ve healed, grown, learned a whole lot and I have a different perspective about my new life, how I am and what is available to me. The world is my oyster, nothing is stopping me now. Goodbye to the past, the pain, the trauma and fear. I am now ready for the Future and I get to choose how that looks.

Helen is warm and kind and every interaction is approached with love, laughter and fun. From this space I now truly live and for this I’m deeply thankful and grateful. Helen is inspiring in her approach to quantum transformation. My life has a new meaning and a new reality that cannot be quantified or qualified. The changes have been numerous since working with Helen and my Superhuman Genius is unblocked and the ideas are flowing through for my new enterprise.  I thank Helen for making this service available to everyone and for the work that she does. I am so grateful and appreciate Helen so much.'

Irene E. /
Business Coach


'Thank you so much for the mentoring sessions. Sometimes I can’t believe where I was; being unsure of myself and everything surrounding me and my life. Feeling very small & comfortable being in this space of insecurity and doubt.

I feel so much stronger now; Like a brand new person.  I have found my voice and make empowered choices and decisions everyday. I’m on a new path I didn’t think I would get to and didn’t think was possible. 

I can’t believe that I am now creating a new project that will change the way business is done on the planet. And I have you to thank for that. I’m very grateful for you helping me get this far. I’m looking forward to where I will continue to go and what I will continue to accomplish with your insight and guidance.

Thank you so much Helen.'

Anne Marie T. /
Business Coach

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