1:1 Cosmic Wealth Upgrade©

Passion • Purpose • Profit • Pleasure


1:1 Cosmic Wealth Upgrade


 3 Month Cosmic Wealth Upgrade©

As a Wealth Activator© and Mentor I work with spiritual women like you who are using their business to create new wealth on the planet.  I use Quantum Energies to bring you into alignment with wealth and overflow. 

My mission is to guide you on to your pathway of Wealth Freedom.  Transforming fear into your super power and assisting you in embracing your wealth shadow, so you can create massive amounts of wealth for not only your pleasure and purpose, but for the meaningful, heart felt contributions to people, places and causes that are important to you.

When you shift the generational wealth wounds, old money paradigms, outdated energies, dissolving your human stories, shredding your fears and destroying the old money blueprints and programs of your life; only then will you align to new money grids and expand your wealth consciousness with the activation of the potent and powerful Destiny Wealth Codes© and Archetypes.

In this powerful, potent 3 Month Cosmic Wealth Upgrade©,  I work with a select few every month at this high level.  This woman is a big thinker, a visionary, a pioneer, a change maker, a rebel. You are here to do things very differently and not follow the status quo.  You are here to shake things up. 

You have a deep desire to expand your mindset, beliefs and reality, moving into higher levels of wealth consciousness and into new dimensions of awareness.  

You desire to expand your business and bank account so that you can make an impact in your community and world by being a generous contributor, but in a way that really tears down the old ways and challenges the beliefs of traditional society. 

You are ready to go from the impossible to the possible by changing the old money paradigms and structures so that you can create huge wealth which allows you to make a real difference in the world.  You are not just going to fix up the old ways and systems, you are going to rip it up, shred it and create a brand new way.

You want passion, purpose, pleasure, profits and philanthropy.  You want it all and you are here to birth an entirely different way of living. You are ready to be sovereign and to radically trust in your higher self. You are ready to run towards your fears and fly free.

Together over 12 powerful, epic weeks, we will create a brand new Wealth frequency. You will be shifted onto a whole new timeline where your greatest desires reside. From this place of power and potency, you will make bold new choices, create powerful thoughts, upload new programs of creation and manifestation, upgrade your energy system and align, strengthen and reignite your superpowers. Allowing money to flow, your business to evolve and for you to step into the abundant superconscious leader that's here to create a new world.


‘What an amazing journey I have been on!  I have just completed Helen’s 1:1 Cosmic Wealth Upgrade where she takes you through a journey with her Destiny Wealth Codes.  OMG. No words can describe the transformations I went through, the shifts I experienced.  I was pushed, I was pulled, I cried, we laughed, I evolved. I awakened to so many levels and Helen was there by my side throughout it all guiding me and helping me every step along the way.   Not only have I awakened personally, my healing business also awakened.  It is now full of sole, abundance,  growth, spark, fun and high vibes. ’

I have been receiving healings from Helen for a few years now. I have completed her Sacred 5 and Elite courses. So I love her work, I love what she stands for and what she is all about. This 1:1 was different. It was more intimate and it was so much fun once I faced what was holding me back. Helen helped me through it all, all the shifts, all the transformations, all the awakenings, she helped me see where I was holding myself back and she held the space for me throughout it all. 

It was exciting. There were so many ups and downs. I didn’t know what each day was going to bring and that was exhilarating as so much was happening and I knew I had Helen’s support through whatever I was going through with her daily what’s app support. 

For me the what’s app support was fantastic as I would connect with Helen on those hard days when the ego side of thinking, the shadow side were showing up.  Being able to communicate with Helen what I was feeling or what I was experiencing or going through, she was able to hold the space for me and guide me to get past that and to connect to soul, to believe in myself and to trust in myself like never before. I realise now how worthy I am.  I am happy, truely soul level happy. I have shredded so many layers and gone through so many transformations of awakening during these 12 weeks and I am still continuing to do so. All thanks to Helen for guiding me, for teaching me new tools and techniques that really works for me.  For helping me believe in myself again and trusting in myself.  

My human self wanted to participate in this journey with Helen to help me with my business as it had no flow, I was getting hardly any clients as a Healer.  My 3rd week in clients started contacting me from overseas.  

Within the first week my spiritual gifts expanded.  When I first began the course I had huge trust and belief issues within myself. Overcoming this, the inner journey I experienced and connecting to soul through Helen’s guidance and support was my biggest achievement.

Upon finishing the 12 week journey, my business now has a purpose, it has flow, it has soul and most of all my business is finally making money, big money. I remember thinking my third week in that i had received all that I had paid for plus more in the course as I had received so much value in those first few weeks.  Wow wasn’t I in for a treat.   For what I transformed, awakened and shifted into personally and within my business, I really cannot put a price on. It is the best investment I could ever have spent on myself. Helen is amazing, she is compassionate, she loves what she does. I love her work, her energy and she believed in me and that means a lot. I am now embodying everything straightaway, the positives, the unravelling, the shifts, the magic. I am so much more aware, aware of what is going on around me. What I most of all received out of this journey was my inner journey. For connecting back to my Superhuman self and I did. My bank balance is growing, it really is, my business has expanded just like that over night and is continually to do so. My happiness has expanded.  My life has evolved. My business is thriving. What else could you want out of a course or mentoring. Helen has inspired me in so many wonderful ways. Amazing transformation. I uplevelled and evolved in more ways than I had ever expected.  

Thank you so much to Helen for believing in me, for guiding me, for never giving up on me.  I will never forget this up levelling and awakening experience. 

Kristy Reibel
Quantum Energy Healer & Mindset Shifter

Welcome to a new money paradigm

My Destiny Wealth Codes© and Archetypes are fresh to the planet and they are life changing. They were ushered onto the planet to create a whole new money paradigm.

Where you get to be fully YOU! Your raw, real superhuman self. Where there are no limits, Where you get to love and enjoy money and not be a slave to it.  Where you bring wealth into the hands of the light bearers, the people like you who are going to do good things in this world.

This is THE missing piece, a new way forward for humanity and the collective, because I know that you are smart, committed, motivated, talented and hard working with a huge heart. You have been doing all the things and whether you make a modest amount of money or mountains of money, you still feel like there is something missing.

You want to help more people, change millions of minds, expand people's perspectives, open eyes and reach the hearts of many. You have the desire to make big money, mountains of riches and overflowing abundance so that you can increase your contributions and connect to the global and social causes that are important to you AND you want to wholeheartedly LOVE what you are doing and who you are working with. You want to have fun being YOU while aligning to your Heart, Soul, Body, Mind, Business and Spirit.

With my ability to see energetically what is happening in your business and on your money timelines and as a pattern interrupter, here to shake sh#t up and disrupt the old paradigms, this is the best, most powerful way to move forward and get out of your plateau, to play in a new frequency and expand your reach.  Together we will create a wave of change so powerful that the effects will be felt all around the world. We are not just changing your wealth consciousness and business, but the very fabric of the Universe. Let’s create new timeline's together and transform your wealth, your business and humanity all at once.  

As my work is intuitively guided and channelled specifically for you, your wealth consciousness and your business; your needs and outcomes will be different to someone else’s. However, I work with my Destiny Wealth Codes© and Quantum Energetics to facilitate our sessions and breakthroughs. This potent system of high vibrational energy and supercharged quantum activation's and codes is one of the most important and powerful tools we will utilise to get the transformation that you desire.  

One of the highest and most supercharged processes I use is my Million Dollar Destiny Map©. This map is a powerful blueprint that contains money codes and grids to accelerate your earning potential and remove old money programs that stop you from reaching your full money earning capabilities. This is going to take your finances and contributions to a whole other level.

I only work with big vision women who are a ‘hell yes’. They are action takers, driven, motivated, open minded and so ready to do the work to change their reality. They do not want to play small and they are fully committed to standing in their power.

That is why it is NOT for everyone. Not everyone is ready for this level of quantum change and investment. My work puts out an energetic vibration, a quantum frequency that is felt by the most heart centred, amazing, warrior women. You will know 100% if this is you, you will feel it in every cell of your body and be ready to demolish the old ways, embed a new quantum reality, invest and expand into wealth and overflow.

Curious to know what we might experience working together? Keep reading………

Some of the Cosmic Wealth Transformations you will experience:

  • Activate your Million Dollar Destiny Map© as you align to new money grids and upgrade your current offerings with your new vibration and energy signature.
  • Expand your quantum abilities, unleash your superpowers, access your million dollar mindset and manifest your deepest desires with my potent Destiny Wealth Vortex Success Formula©.
  • Align energetically with your global mission.
  • Connect to your soul clients and community.
  • Increase your passion for life and business, let your pleasure cup run over.
  • Pinpoint energy leaks and resistant energy in your life and business.
  • Step into your full quantum potential and power while you become your own Superconscious mentor and guide.
  • Install new, updated beliefs around your money, business, power, abilities and potential.
  • Create a new wealth consciousness.
  • Remove your money limitations while increasing your wealth and overflow.
  • Become a rapid money and contribution queen.

The 3 Month Cosmic Wealth Upgrade© is both a wealth and business elevation and a pathway to Freedom. It is a private 1 on 1 High end mentoring program that includes:

 A 1.5 hr VIP Cosmic Upgrade© Session:

In this powerhouse session you will receive a Destiny Diagnosis©  We will map out what ‘is and isn’t’ working in your life and business. You will decide what you want to achieve in your 90 days with me. I will then connect to your Business, Soul and Wealth Frequency looking at an overview of your energies. We will look at your biggest issues, patterns and obstacles and what is your big why and epic vision. This is a potent, power packed 1.5 hours that will start you on a new trajectory.

Get ready to hop in your Quantum Rocket!!

 10 x 30 min weekly Supercharged Cosmic Mentoring sessions.

Board the train for the Transformation Station!!

  5 x fortnightly 30 min Quantum Healing and Activation Sessions.

Prepare for the Supernova effect =  Life Changing!!

  Whats app support every day from Monday to Friday AEST.

Mind blowing!

This 3 Month Cosmic Wealth Upgrade© is so much more than coaching, more than mentoring, more than healing; it is a supercharged, powerful, vibrational container that supports you in connecting back to soul and source as you ignite your dormant superconscious self and activate a new 5D level of Wealth Consciousness.

If you are an ambitious Spiritual woman, Visionary, Change Maker or High Level Entrepreneur with heart and you want to reclaim your power and money earning potential to create a divine destiny of profit, impact and contribution, then this is going to be a ‘Hell Yeah’ for you, a total no brainer, ‘let's do this already’ kind of feeling.

This is a 10K USD investment, (Payment Plan Available) Together with the tools, processes, amazing shifts, uplevelling and expansion of wealth consciousness you will receive and experience; I am confident that you will easily make back your investment as well as completely transform your life, business and beliefs.


I feel extremely blessed to have met such a beautiful soul who has helped me change my life and I now have a business that I love and that nourishes my soul. If you are ready and willing to make the change! Helen has the skills, knowledge and tools to assist and guide you towards unlocking your full potential!! I cannot recommend her enough! She truly is an inspiration! For the first time in my life I am awake! I am connected to my soul, higher self, inner child and my guides. I feel gratitude every day. I understand the importance of self-love, being present, experiencing fun and enjoyment, remaining grounded and taking the time to stop and breathe in the beauty of life. I love myself,  my life and business and I have Helen to thank for that!

Serena Nicole /
Soul Mentor and Psychic Intuitive

Awaken your Million Dollar Mindset, Activate your Money grids and codes & Expand into Wealth and Overflow.

This is for you if…..

  •  You want to create new wealth on the planet and dissolve your money limitations. You have an online business, innovation, creative outlet or platform to connect with your audience and an offer or service that you monetize or are in the process of building one.

  •  You have the finances or are willing to be resourceful to find the finances to invest in yourself and business at this level. You have the belief that every dollar you spend you get back 10 times your investment, money wise, energy wise and transformation wise.

  •  You want to have a powerful mentor who holds space for you to bring through your own original divine creativity and genius and who has the ability to help you bring the formless into form, while re-writing your money stories and activating your wealth consciousness.

  •  You know that YOU and only you are responsible for your outcomes, manifestations and overall quality of life, so you are ready to do the work and make the changes, no more excuses.

  •  You are ready to shed and release outdated fears, beliefs, patterns and money programs. You have an open, curious mind and are ready to see life in a new and updated way.

  •  You love to do things differently and aren’t looking for a cookie cutter program or system, but one where you have creative and intuitive licence to create an empire and life in alignment with your soul.

  •  You believe there is so much untapped power and wisdom hidden within you and you are more than ready to connect to this part of yourself and bring it forth to change not only your life but the world at large.

  •  You are heart centred, fun loving, have a sense of humour and love to geek out over business, MONEY, energy, dimensions, parallel universes, timelines and all things considered magick, spiritual or otherworldly.

This is not for you if…..


  • You don’t have a big vision, business, innovation, creative outlet or platform with services and offers that you can monetize or in the process of building one.

  • You like to blame other people for your choices in life.

  • You don’t want to invest money in your business or development to supercharge your earnings, build an empire, activate your wealth consciousness or help the planet.

  • You can’t make a decision and need someone else to tell you what to do.

  • You want to be saved and just told what to do and how to do it with as little input from you as possible.

  • You don’t want to create new habits, structures, systems, patterns or beliefs. You are happy with the way things are.

  • You need to wait for permission, approval, the next full moon or for mercury retrograde to be over before starting anything new or committing to your future.

  • You don’t want to have your beliefs challenged and you worry about having your buttons pushed or being triggered in any way.

  • You don’t believe in source, guides, cosmic beings or any woo woo nonsense.

  • You are happy playing small, it’s greedy to want more.

  • You are driven by your fears and feel powerless to change your reality.

I know if you take the leap,


I can help you to connect powerfully and deeply to your Superconscious, activate your wealth consciousness and unlock the door to your full potential so you can make the full impact and contribution you desire.

Together we can create a new blueprint for your highest, brightest and most expansive desires. We can channel through a new fun way of doing life, business and money, one that allows you to build the empire you desire, creating new, massive amounts of wealth, so that you can make a huge impact on the planet.

It is time for stepping fully into your power, owning your voice, claiming your divine birth right as an abundant, powerful being of light, shedding the fear and insecurities and the judgements of others. Do what you came here to do, play in this realm, create magick, contribute deeply. Live fully in wealth, health and happiness and change the money paradigms and the very fabric of the Universe. Yes, you are that magnificent and that powerful. Let’s do this Cosmic Woman!

Book a Destiny Wealth Chat© with me today to see if we are in alignment and on the same wavelength. This call is a beautiful, relaxed, deep dive chat about you, money and business to see if we are an energetic match. I do an energetic wealth scan on you to see where some of your blocks are around money, pleasure and contribution. No pressure, no hard sells, just a sacred conversation, the meeting of two souls to see if we have the energy connection to create a new expanded wealth consciousness for you and the planet.

Create your Cosmic Wealth Upgrade©

Activate and Transform your Money Grids and Codes, align with your Business Empire and Global Mission as you Expand your Wealth Consciousness.